New Streaming Curated Curated Digital Art Service Vieunite Pro Also Enables Workplace Messaging

June 21, 2024 by Dave Haynes

There have been several companies that have popped up offering subscription content services focused on digital artworks to be used on commercial displays – as one-offs or part of the mix in digital signage networks – but a newly launched service out of the UK blends curated artwork, screens optimized for display art, and a CMS that can run the art but also handle things like workplace communications.

The service – called Vieunite Pro – is the evolved business product side of the Vieunite subsidiary developed by the Birmingham-based specialty display manufacturer Allsee Technologies. Vieunite is the business version of Vieunite, which from what I can tell is aimed at the residential market.

The Pro version, says PR, involves:

“Traditional digital signage has become so commonplace that it often fails to capture attention in some settings,” says Vieunite founder Dr. Baoli Zhao. “Vieunite Pro bridges this gap by combining stunning visual art with practical business messaging, creating an immersive experience that captivates audiences and makes communication more effective.”

How a display on a wall in a hallway or cafe is an “immersive experience” entirely escapes me, but the premise of multi-tasking digital art displays to also do workplace comunications is kind of interesting.

Key Features and Benefits

The displays come with handcrafted wooden frames in a variety of finishes, so they can match with workplace decor. The displays are sold and bundled with different subscription plans.

  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    I think this can be very effective. The value of screens is directly proportional to the amount of viewership. It doesn’t matter what you spend in a digital signage product if no one cares to look at the screen.

    There is a value exchange that needs to take place in order to teach the viewer that viewing the screen will give them value. That could be beautiful art, entertainment or information important to them.

    When you do that and establish that attention (often in a very quick glance) you can follow up by delivering important info you want to PUSH to the viewer. It’s an effective strategy that has been proven to work.

    Content-first solutions get a clap from me.

    1. Thomas Fraser-Bacon says:

      Completely agree, Jeremy – and you’ve got the concept absolutely spot on! It’s all about capturing and retaining viewers attention with quality content – in this case expertly curated high quality artwork – and then using this to deliver other messaging to a captive and engaged audience.

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