LED Touchline Display Seemingly Passes Ruggedization Test In Front Of Global Football Audience

June 18, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The men’s Euro 2024 football championship is on right now, and given huge global TV viewing interest, there are LED ribbon displays all along the touchlines of the playing surfaces of the host stadiums.

I mention this because in yesterday’s France vs Austria match, French star Antoine Griezmann got slammed by an Austrian defender into one of the sideline displays, and the display came out evidently no worse for the wear.

While French fans were undoubtedly alarmed by the sight of a key player running head-first into the screen, I was very dysfunctionally looking at the screen and wondering if it was OK. The athlete had a nasty gash to his forehead, but was able to keep on playing. The ad board, at least at a distance, seemed to come out unscathed. No dead modules.

I assume sideline displays have to be seriously ruggedized and this one – manufacturer unknown – appears to have passed a high-profile test.

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