How To Transform Your LED Video Wall Into A 3D Deep Screen Display

June 7, 2024 by guest author, Brianna Morley

GUEST POST: Brianna Morley, Render Impact

LED video walls have become increasingly popular in recent years, with their versatility and ability to display high-quality content on a large scale. However, there is a new way to take these displays to the next level: 3D forced perspective and anamorphic illusions. With the right content, LED video walls can be transformed into powerful 3D illusions that create an immersive visual experience for viewers.

Creating 3D Deep Screen Content

Creating 3D deep screen content (often referred to as naked-eye or glasses-free) for video walls involves using 3D software, such as Cinema 4D (C4D), 3DSMaxHoudini or Unreal Engine, to produce three-dimensional animations and scenes. Artists focus on texturing, lighting, and rendering to enhance realism, all while employing techniques for added depth perception.

The result is a display that extends beyond a traditional 2D canvas, providing a captivating visual experience in settings like entertainment venues, corporate lobbies, busy urban centers, museums, and trade shows.

The ability to extend content beyond traditional flat screens offers a fresh wave of creativity by making certain aspects appear to leave the physical screen. These WOW-moments can be captivating and are often filmed by viewers and posted online. We like to refer to them as “Instagram-able moments.”

This creative approach not only redefines the possibilities of LED video walls, but also reshapes visual storytelling, meeting the growing demand for immersive experiences. The combination of LED screens and 3D illusions marks a significant advancement in the creation of visually appealing and unforgettable digital display media.

3D Deep Screen Approach for Advertising

In the competitive landscape of advertising, 3D deep screen media emerges as a transformative tool with their ability to capture viewers’ attention like never before. The unique visual effects draw in viewers, making these displays an ideal choice for advertising and marketing purposes where grabbing attention is crucial. The ability to deliver visually striking and memorable experiences enhances brand recall, contributing significantly to the success of advertising campaigns. This heightened brand recall not only fosters brand loyalty, but also increases the likelihood of positive consumer responses, ultimately driving the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

The unique visual effects used in these displays act as a magnetic force, grabbing the attention of viewers and potential customers even in busy environments. This heightened engagement is invaluable in conveying brand messages effectively and leaving a lasting impression on audiences. Remarkable, high impact, deep screen content can often have the added benefit of an online reach when viewers capture and share it across social media platforms. Whether displayed in retail environments, transportation hubs, busy urban centers, corporate lobbies, or at trade shows, 3D forced perspective and anamorphic illusions ensures that advertising content takes center stage, increasing the likelihood of creating a memorable impact.

3D Deep Screen Approach for Entertainment

Beyond advertising, 3D deep screen content plays a transformative role in elevating the entertainment experience in venues such as casinos and theme parks. These advanced displays bring a new level of immersion for visitors, creating an environment where the boundaries between reality and fiction blur. In casinos, for example, 3D deep screen content can be utilized on LED displays throughout the gaming floor to create environments that extend beyond reality. In theme parks, these displays contribute to the creation of immersive attractions, enhancing the overall visitor experience and leaving a lasting impression for years to come.

The integration of LED display technology with 3D deep screen content in entertainment venues goes beyond visual appeal; it serves as a dynamic tool for enhancing storytelling potential. By leveraging large format, high resolution displays and next level digital media production to create 3D illusions, these displays breathe life into narratives, making them more vivid and memorable for audiences.

Whether it’s a whimsical environment on a casino floor, or a thrilling storyline unfolding in a theme park, high impact content on LED video walls can enrich the overall storytelling experience, ensuring that visitors are not just spectators, but active participants in the immersive worlds brought to life by these innovative displays.

3D Deep Screen Approach for Trade Shows

When it comes to trade shows, utilizing anamorphic and forced perspective content to create the 3D deep screen effect, can help businesses leave a lasting impression on attendees. These immersive displays act as dynamic canvases, presenting a unique opportunity for businesses to convey their brand identity in a truly memorable way.

Check out the video below of just one way 3D deep screen content can enhance your booth experience!

By leveraging the capabilities of LED and 3D illusion content, businesses can foster a deeper connection with the target audience, creating an unforgettable brand experience that extends well beyond the event itself. In the competitive world of trade shows, where all exhibitors are looking to grab the attention of attendees, the strategic utilization of 3D deep screen content allows companies to stand out among the hustle and bustle of a trade show floor.

High impact content can take an LED video wall to the next level, creating a stunning visual experience for viewers. With the ability to grab attention, versatility, and immersive qualities, a 3D deep screen content approach can be a valuable strategy for a wide range of industries.

Whether you’re looking to advertise a product, create a unique entertainment experience, or communicate important information, using high impact 3D content on LED displays to create a deep screen effect is worth exploring.


Brianna Morley is a Creative Producer at Render Impact, a multimedia design studio specializing in creating impactful digital display content, utilizing VFX, CGI, and 3D animation. Render Impact is best known for bringing WOW-factor experiences to unique LED walls of all shapes and sizes.

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