You’ll Check In Using A URway/Kioware Kiosk Solution At Next Week’s Buzz & Bullseye Mixer at InfoComm

June 6, 2024 by Dave Haynes

If you managed to score a ticket to next week’s very sold out Buzz & Bullseye digital signage industry mixer at InfoComm, you will gain access to the venue by using one of two kiosks at the entry to check-in.

We’re using the kiosks that were supposed to be in place last last year for the Sixteen:Nine Mixer at DSE, but as readers may recall, the logistics company didn’t manage to get them on site in time – even though they were shipped well in advance.

So we’re trying again, shipping earlier and with a different company. We know the kiosk check-in process works because kiosks supplied by my good friends at Moviik and Displax in Braga, Portugal provided a check-in kiosk for the ISE mixer.

The intention for next week is to expedite the check-in process for the 300 or so who got in on the event. We thought it would take a day or two to sell out, but they went in two hours!

The kiosks will allow people to arrive at the venue inside the Palazzo complex, walk up to one of two kiosks, and boink in their surname on a touchscreen. Their name should pop up, and after confirming that’s the right name, the kiosk will spit out a thermally-printed adhesive label that then attaches to a postcard-sized badge blank and lanyard.

DO NOT slap the printed label on your chest! 🙂

This is an effort to replace the tables full of pre-printed and alphabetically-sorted labels, which is a pain in the butt to produce and sort, and a hunting exercise for attendees to locate their name and label.

The kiosks were kindly put together (and bankrolled!) by industry veteran Ed Crowley of URway Holdings, along with software partner KioWare. This (below is what they looked like for DSE (had they shown up!).

The mixer is very-very-very sold out, so please-please-please don’t just show up hoping to talk your way in, or if you are registered, bring an unregistered pal or worse, a posse. We have rigid capacity limits, so we will not have the latitude to just wave some extras in.

BIG Thanks To Our Technical Partners:

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  1. craig keefner says:

    Good stuff

  2. Michel Perreault says:

    Sorry to not have registered in time.

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Yes, we thought there would be a two day or so window for people. Not two hours!

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