Miracle Mile Shops On LV Strip Complete Huge LED Displays Facelift

June 6, 2024 by Dave Haynes

There’s always new stuff to see in Las Vegas, particularly along a main drag that has casino-resort operators steadily trying to out-bling one another.

Among the new projects that have been going up and are now done is a refresh of the outside and inside of the shopping and entertainment center Miracle Mile Shops, which is connected to Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Design consultant Sensory Interactive partnered with Miller Capital Advisory and the Miracle Mile Shops team to design, monetize, install, launch, and operate what has been termed and even copyrighted as a “Dynamic Real Estate®” platform. The big visuals are all from SNA Displays, which has pushed out a summary of what’s been done.

Highlights of the modernization project include a massive 229-foot-long exterior façade display and another 130-foot-long LED spectacular, both of which face the busy Las Vegas Strip. The larger of the two includes a tight 19-foot-radius curve and a 90-degree corner wrap to follow the contours of the shopping center’s exterior.

“Spectacular is an understatement,” says Doug Fundator, SNA Displays’ director of sales for casinos and gaming. “The new digital signage network at Miracle Mile Shops is a testament to SNA Displays’ capabilities not just as a display manufacturer but as a services provider who manages the intricate details of complex, multifaceted projects, start to finish. This property has a little of everything – the flashy spectaculars, functional indoor LED, LCD integration, high-end processing, content management, and obviously the expertise to tie it all together for cohesive activations.”

Both LED spectaculars as well as a 38-foot-tall double-sided blade sign at the Harmon Avenue entrance are built with 10 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior LED display technology. Other digital assets installed by SNA Displays include nine BOLD™ Interior LED displays and 17 LCD kiosks.

The nine interior screens are wall-mounted throughout the mall, some above entryways leading to various areas within the shopping center. They employ 4- and 6-mm pixel pitches and range in size, the two largest at 7’8″ x 34’8″ (585 x 2,640 pixels).

The interior aspect of Miracle Mile Shops’ digital network showcases a digital narrative dubbed “the Story of the Elements,” traditional sold media, and brand collaborations. The variety of content is designed to create a unified story that elevates the retail experience and encourages patrons to view the Miracle Mile Shops experience as a premier entertainment destination, staying longer to dine and enjoy the space.

Six of the new walk-up kiosks throughout the property are dedicated to out-of-home advertising and 11 provide interactive directory assistance. BOLDSITE Media is the exclusive media sales partner for the Shops platform.

SNA Displays ran 35,000 linear feet of fiber as part of the extensive digital signage network.

“Massive projects like the digital display network at Miracle Mile Shops require intricate planning, custom engineering and fabrication of the display technology, and coordination with a multitude of partners and trades,” says Rasool Sayed, senior project manager at SNA Displays.

This has been a long project, with some of the outside LED first lit up last summer.

The mall opened in 2000 as Desert Passage, and was pretty grim and uninviting the last time I wandered in there. SNA started working on the job in 2022.

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