Dubai’s Elevision Expands Its Lift Screen Network To UK Market

June 5, 2024 by Dave Haynes

A digital OOH company that puts screens in high rise elevators is expanding from the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom, with Elevision starting to signing up and install displays in the lifts of residential properties.

The Dubai-based company says it has 63 buildings already active, another 30 buildings signed and in the installation schedule, and hundreds more in the pipeline. The initial focus is on the biggest media market, London, but the plan is to expand to other cities around the U.K.

“Our journey from the heart of the UAE, to the bustling residential communities in London marks a significant stride in our commitment to providing world class media solutions,” says Elevision’s CEO Niall Sallam. “We believe in creating unique and impactful advertising opportunities that not only meet the needs of advertisers and media agencies but also empower property partners with effective resident communications solutions.”

The company has been around since 2011, and says it has been growing its network footprint by 33% on average year on year.

Elevision follows the familiar model of taking on the capital and operating costs of the poster-like screens, mounted on lift walls or up in corners of the cabs. The screens have been 15 and 19 inch in Dubai, but a supplied image (main one up top) suggests they are going larger in the UK (upsizing would not be all that expensive and the real cost of putting these in tends to be labor, not hardware).

The media company, which also has conventional DOOH offers in the UAE like billboards, makes its money through booked brand advertising, and makes a portion of the on-screen schedule available to building owners and managers to communicate messages to residents, using a portal that allows permitted users to create, upload and display messages in real-time.

We’ve seen a long parade of companies expand business to Dubai and around that wealthy, fast expanding region, so it is interesting to see a UAE company reversing that and  expanding to the U.K.

Elevator screens are a 25-year-old medium in North America, the market dominated by Captivate. But I’ve no idea if it is or has been a thing – static or digital – in the U.K.

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