Sync’d LED Torches Turn Stadium Seating Bowl Into One Big Display

June 3, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Back in 2012, the main stadium for the London Olympics had little nine LED light arrays attached to seats, which enabled ambient low-rez visuals to be part of the “experience” during things like the main ceremonies.

Some 14 years on, the technology that could so that sort of thing has, of course, grown more sophisticated and capable. A Chinese company called Enjoy Technologies, based in Guangzhou, has a variety of LED products that include everything from these torches to wristbands and even LED-lit N95-like masks???

While the big halo LED displays that loom large above stadium seating bowls are amazing, I quite like the concept of LED lighting at the seat level. Particularly if there was a way to ruggedize them, so they’d last beyond single events.

This is a stadium equipped with 35,000 LED “torches” at the seats, with show controls able to sync them all and create large scale visuals.

Here is a different project, also using LED torches at the seats.

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