Navori Labs Launches Teeny New Media Player That Includes AI Computer Vision Capabilities In Box

June 3, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The Swiss CMS software and solutions firm Navori Labs has started marketing a new version of its designed-for-purpose players, rolling its computer vision capabilities into a new Navori device that does media play-out but includes a camera module for audience analytics and triggered content.

The new StiX 3800 will be showcased for the first time next week in Las Vegas at InfoComm at the company’s stand, Booth W1957.

The StiX 3800, says PR, comes equipped with advanced audience measurement capabilities that help users better understand their audience and how content performs. Users can tailor content on-the-fly to meet viewer preferences and behaviors, leveraging immediate feedback from footfall, dwell time, people, and vehicle analytics to make informed decisions.

Navori Labs has also emphasized performance in the StiX 3800 design, which accelerates processing speeds to 100 percent faster than its predecessor. The improved performance closes the gap between seamless content delivery and dynamic audience engagement, allowing businesses to support flawless 4K@60 content playback with stunning clarity and detail.

The StiX 3800 also simplifies the activation process without technical intervention, requiring only a single network to carry high-resolution content and PoE. The latter accentuates the StiX 3800’s sustainability benefits, including long-duration performance (50,000 hours) and automatic screen activation upon detecting audiences. Ease of use is enhanced by the capability to deploy new content across multiple locations within minutes, ensuring messages stay timely and relevant.

While most of the software companies in the digital signage ecosystem have developed their code to run on third-party hardware devices, several have either focused on their own hardware devices (like another Swiss firm, SpinetiX) or, like Navori, have developed support for third-party players and all-in-one displays, but also developed their own – which offers control of the components and firmware, and reduces what can be the craziness of trying to stay on top of the releases and builds of third-party vendor products.

The PR mentions low price, but doesn’t get into what that is. The earlier generation of the StiX series is $266 USD, so it is presumably in that rough range of single unit cost.

I asked for and got this clarification about the Navori Labs/Navori thing, in case you are, like me, a bit confused. When we’re talking about the company, we say Navori Labs, and when we are referring to the software or hardware, we refer to Navori.

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