Thinking Ahead: Details On Digital Signage Hall, Learning, Transport And Fun At InfoComm 2024

May 30, 2024 by Dave Haynes

InfoComm is back in Las Vegas in less than two weeks, and I’m starting to think through some of the practical aspects of the show – most notably where to go.

The big pro AV trade show is, as always, at the Las Vegas Convention Center – but the expanded events facility has two very distinct components, and InfoComm is spread across them both. The good news for the digital signage crowd is that just about everything you’ll need and want to see is contained in the much-newer West Hall. It’s the hall with the giant LED in the airy lobby and now has a direct view south of the Sphere. Like the old LVCC halls, though, seating other than in the food court seems really hard to come by. If you want to park your butt to check e-mails or make a call outside a hall, you’re quite possibly sitting on the floor.

All of the big display companies are in there – LED, LCD, OLED and projectors. Samsung appears to have the largest overall stand, though rival LG’s is perhaps only smaller by a bit. Doesn’t matter  except for bragging rights, as they’re both BIG footprint spaces.

The Central Hall is in the older, original part of the LVCC – and most of what’s in there has to do with technologies like collaboration, audio and infrastructure. Appspace is in the Central Hall, but that would be a strategic move given the software company’s close association with other workplace and collaboration technologies. Same with Barco, which has big LED and projectors, but also workplace tech.

When I search the exhibitor list, using the term digital signage, I get 104 hits for the West Hall, and 30 on the Central Hall side – 29 there plus one vendor with a booked meeting space.

There are 112 companies saying they do LED – though some are infrastructure like mounts and servers/video processors.

The overall count for exhibitors that declare themselves as being active in digital signage, in some way, is maybe a third of what Integrated Systems Europe sees. I THINK the 2024 count was north of 400, though the ISE online map doesn’t give me a count like it used to (or I can’t figure out how to get that count again!) So it is somewhat smaller, but still a very large show – and as large s they get for pro AV on this side of the pond.

There are seven shuttle bus routes to take people to and from the LVCC, and it looks like the furthest afield is the Park MGM stop. Nothing goes to Luxor/Mandalay Bay or Fremont/Downtown. If you have a, let’s say, robust travel budget and are staying at the swishy new Fontainebleau Las Vegas resort, the curious Las Vegas Loop system that has Teslas rolling through tunnels now has a stop at that property, on the way to and from Resorts World, which has a terminus point. When I last had a reason to clamber into the back of one of those things, it was still demo days and free. Now an all-day pass is $5, or roughly half the cost of a bottle of water at one of the resort hotels.

There’s the Monorail, of course, which can be quite handy – but often a long march to get to stations through sprawling casinos. It does not look like AVIXA has a deal with the Monorail for discounts. ISE provides four-day mass transport tickets to attendees that make riding the sprawling subway free during the show – and probably in return reduces traffic congestion a wee bit for the city’s road operations people. The Barcelona subway is definitely easier than taxis, though crowded at the main venue station at peak hours.

If you are flying into LV (which damn near everyone except people from LA and Phoenix), there are attendee badge pickup desks planned for the baggage carousel areas at both airport terminals, and there’s also a desk at Resorts World. Hours are limited so have a look here …

In terms of education, there are 28 sessions listed under Digital Signage at InfoComm. The Digital Signage Federation is doing its D=Sign-branded educations on June 11th, the day before the show opens. I’ll be doing color commentary and generally being the cheeky Canadian sidekick to my German friends Florian and Stefan from invidis, who are doing a two hour market insights lunch – noon to 2 – also on the Tuesday. I’ve done this with them at least a couple of times now and they bring a LOT of really good insights and ideas that don’t get enough attention over here. The session will draft off a couple of keynotes the two did last week in Munich at the Digital Signage Summit Europe, which they organize and run.

The other big digital signage thing happening is the industry mixer, which is VERY sold out. The grovelling emails are coming in now, and I’m afraid we have no more wiggle space. If you did manage to score access, and can’t go, please let my co-host Bryan Meszaros know , as he has the ticket list and can strike names off and add new ones.

There are many, many, many other events going on in the evenings, so it’s not like the mixer is the one opportunity to network. I am busy EVERY night between cocktail parties and hosted dinners.

Looking forward to the show – though not the long flights and the blast furnace in June in the Nevada desert.  If you are going, see you soon.

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