Panasonic’s InfoComm Exhibit Bling Includes Projected Clouds Made From Misty Soap Bubbles. No, Really …

May 30, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Panasonic is loading up on bling for its stand at InfoComm in a couple of weeks, pushing out PR that describes some of the features planned for its Panasonic Connect stand.

There are demos of how projection is used for everything from immersive digital art attractions to golf simulators, but what interested me are plans to show the “Silky Fine Mist that’s used in experiences like Superblue Miami’s Massless Clouds exhibition by TeamLab.

It appears to be a bit like the projection fog and water vapor displays that pop up now and then, except this is with clouds made of soap bubbles, “in an ever-changing installation.”

The Miami exhibition is kinda funny because of all the fine print associated with the attraction and experience, including …

There are others, but those are the ones that make me wonder how they do this on an open trade show floor.

I have stopped wondering why big vendors have this sort of bling at their stands, when it is not something that offers any business scale. The crowds that gathered at ISE 2024 gawking at LG’s kinetic LED wall – not a real LG product – was all I needed to know about why. It gets people to stop, look and maybe wander in.

Panasonic Connect will be at booth W1500.

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