i5LED – InfoComm 2024 Digital Signage Industry Mixer Sponsor Profiles

May 30, 2024 by Dave Haynes

InfoComm is in just a couple of weeks in Las Vegas, and Sixteen:Nine has partnered with Experience United Social Club to run what is a very sold-out networking event.

This one is at a darts-themed bar called Flight Club, in the Palazzo complex. There will will be a little discussion about what was seen on the show floor, then networking and fun games of darts that don’t require much in the way of skill. Oh, and perhaps drinks. The event was sold out in TWO HOURS – yup – and we don’t have the capability to handle unregistered walk-ups that night. So don’t. We wish we could host everyone, but there are pesky things like fire safety codes and budgets.

Big hat tip to Bryan Meszaros, who created XUSC and has done most of the heavy lifting so far on organizing this event, while also running OpenEye Global and sitting on the DSF board. Now it’s my turn to do some work.

The Buzz & Bullseyes event happens because of great sponsors, who help cover the considerable costs of the evening, including an open bar. As hosts, we like to thank and recognize sponsors by running company profiles.

Profiles already up:

Here is the next one, Sacramento-based LED manufacturer i5LED, which has been doing a bunch of work and putting in the air miles to raise its profile in a crowded market.

If you were at ISE, and were impressed (as I was) by the huge “LEDgend” display at the Lang AG stand, that was i5 product.

Can you give readers the rundown on what your company does and your role in the digital signage ecosystem?

i5LED specializes in direct-view LED display solutions, turning creative visions into realities. As manufacturers, we offer both highly customized and standard solutions, distinguishing ourselves by partnering closely with our clients to best meet their specific application needs. Our displays are compatible with various control systems and players, allowing seamless integration into existing setups or the inclusion of our proprietary technology.

What will your presence be this year in Las Vegas? Are you exhibiting or there to meet partners and customers on the floor and during supporting events like the Mixer?  

We’re excited to be exhibiting this year, as well. You can find us in West Hall, booth W1875, directly across from the main entrances to the back of the hall. We’re also looking forward to the networking events. Our team will be at the Mixer, so come say hello.

What draws you to Infocomm?

InfoComm is the largest proAV trade show in North America, so it is a great opportunity to showcase our solutions and bring new innovations to the show floor.

What key trends are you seeing in the marketplace? 

Fine pitch LED displays evolved from a high-end, niche offering to a widely accepted mainstream option, thanks to decreasing costs and increasing market acceptance. As the industry races to produce ever smaller chips, the push towards truly realizing Micro LED technology is intensifying, signalling a major shift in display capabilities and applications.

Pixel pitch was for many years the main product spec marketed at trade shows, but sub 1mm pitch products are now commonplace. What are your buyers and partners most interested in these days, and what are the deciding factors that might swing them to i5LED?

As chip sizes decrease, the pixel pitch becomes finer, enhancing black levels and contrast. A critical advancement in this area is the use of flip chip technology, which eliminates bonding wires and positions all contact pads on the bottom, significantly reducing the likelihood of poor connections. Additionally, employing mass transfer techniques combined with laser soldering processes during manufacturing puts less stress on the components. This approach not only improves reliability but also points to the future direction of display manufacturing technology. Moreover, our customers appreciate the superior picture quality, including enhanced brightness and vibrant colors, that our displays offer.

Another significant factor that resonates with our clients is the presence of our U.S.-based engineering and service teams. This local expertise not only facilitates faster and more efficient service but also provides our clients with the assurance of timely support and the benefit of working closely with specialists who understand their unique market needs and challenges.

What’s something you’d like the signage and pro av community to know about your company and people?

While i5LED is a relatively new company, our core team has been working together for over 20 years in the LED display industry. This extensive background equips us to handle complex challenges, consistently delivering tailored and effective direct view LED solutions to our clients.

The 2024 Buzz & Bullseyes sponsors are …

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