F1 Team Moneygram Haas Using Digital Signage In Its Track Garages Around Global Race Circuit

May 30, 2024 by Dave Haynes

As first run on the site of German language content partner invidis …

I’ve seen projects here and there involving auto racing teams/brands that are using digital signage technology to reinforce their brand and help drive (sorry) the mood at main offices and factories, but here’s a story about an F1 Team that’s using digital signage in the garages that get set up and torn down race to race.

The London-based AV and IT integrator Tateside is working with the US-based Formula 1 team Moneygram Haas, originally Haas Formula. Tateside has been working with the Haas team since 2018, and had already provided AV installations at the team’s Banbury, UK factory as well as at the race track.

From the post:

The Haas team ultimately commissioned Tateside in 2023 to bring new marketing visuals and live streaming data to the garage using digital signage. Tateside chose a connected ecosystem of Brightsign players that drive 55-inch LG video wall displays. The players synchronize and time the content on the displays, including sponsorship material, animations, live feeds and timing data.

Tateside project manager Joby Morris works with the team’s marketing and IT team to ensure that content is uploaded and programmed in time for race week. The Brightsign players are programmed for different events such as qualifying and free practice and display relevant content and data. This functionality is controlled via UDP commands.

From Tateside:

Tateside opted for a networked ecosystem of Brightsign Players, each serving an LG 55” video wall display. “Using a combination of XD1035 and XD235 players, we can deliver synchronised and scheduled content across the front and back of house garage screens,” says Jack Cornish, Technical Manager at Tateside. “These screens need to display a variety of material, from sponsorship stacks and animations to the main live feed and timing data, critical for the in-garage mechanics and engineers.”

Joby Morris, Project Manager at Tateside, works closely with the marketing and IT trackside team to ensure the correct content is uploaded, programmed, and displayed before the race week. “The Brightsign players are programmed to run multiple presentations for the various race week events, such as qualifying or free practice sessions,” explains Morris. “During these sessions, the players display various content and data. This functionality is triggered via UDP commands, using a team-built custom application.”

Some  of the set-up looks mostly like bling and sponsor support, but I am intrigued by the countdown clock that seems tuned to technical duties done by the race team’s mechanics (or whatever they are more properly called).

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