Massive 1.5 Acres Of Immersive AV Attractions Open By Seoul’s Main Airport

May 29, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Hat tip to AV Interactive for first posting on this …

A massive, projection-driven immersive media attraction is now open at a resort next to Seoul’s vast international airport, with 18 different display halls covering roughly 1.5 acres of what is called Le Space.

Beats me why a Korean resort owned by a Native-American gaming company has a swishy French handle for its attraction, but there you are.

The attraction is in the Inspire Resorts mall, part of non-stop bling at the venue, which is owned by NE US casino and gaming company Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment. The resort also has a huge LED canopy in an area called Aurora, above what is termed  an immersive entertainment street.

The Le Space aspect involves projection mapping experiences that are reminiscent of what’s at the newish Arte Museum on the Vegas strip, which is kind of a greatest hits platform for the Seoul agency d’strict. Themes will be refreshed and the launch theme is “Beyond the Cosmos.” The space was developed by an agency called Hyundai Futurenet, which I assume (but don’t know, as the website wouldn’t play nice and fully load) is a subsidiary of the manufacturing giant the rest of the world mainly knows for cars and SUVs.

This video shows highlights of different experiential zone.

There are also a bunch of photos here


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