Little Red Riding Hood’s Tale Visualized In New LV Cosmo Lobby Creative

May 29, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The lobby of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas is pretty much a can’t-miss when I pass through Las Vegas, and it will be on my schedule again in two weeks when in the city yet again (40+ trips now) for InfoComm – first because I want to see the new creative on the resort’s famed lobby displays, and second because there’s a strong likelihood some industry friends like Tom Milner will be hanging out at the Vesper bar right beside that lobby … and I might be thirsty.

The Montreal creative company Float4 did a refresh of the lobby creative earlier this year, and now it has pushed out visuals of a new creative piece built around the old tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

This piece continues to immerse guests in a fantasy world. This time, our titular main character explores mysterious forests and encounters various predatory creatures before finding her way through a magical door to a new luminous environment. Little Red is featured on the eight 16 ft tall Lobby Columns, across the 75 foot display spanning the registration area as well as on the Beacon atop the hotel.

If you’ve never seen the Cosmo lobby, make the effort. It has been around for many, many years now, but remains one of the best examples out there of building media into the architecture, and then properly budgeting for great creative. You are very unlikely to ever see anything about new slot machines or happy hours in the resort on these displays. It’s all about setting a tone for the property.


  1. Tom Milner says:

    I can confirm that I and many others are likely to provide patronage to the Vesper bar before and during InfoComm this year! If you want to be notified on our WhatsApp group when we will be there then just let me know your number and I will add you in! Be warned, language can be colourful, comments often rude but forgivable and much mirth will be had by all!

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Old Men Drinking as a handle for a WhatsApp group is accurate, but maybe not all that inclusive. Younger folks welcome, and certainly women. I think I suggested a better handle, but it is lost to me now.

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