New Off Museum In Barcelona Includes Digital Gallery Amplified by Mirrors

May 27, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Mirrors have always been a really effective way to amplify the visuals in a defined space, and here’s a good example of that in a new attraction/art space along the ritzy Paseo de Gracia street in Barcelona.

White Rabbit – The Off-Museum of Barcelona opened a couple of weeks ago in what had previously been a high-end urban shopping gallery. It is just up a block from the iconic, Gaudi-designed Casa Batlló that gets used for projection mapping (not particularly good mapping in 2024, but …) during ISE.

There are several galleries in the museum, some of them predictably and exceptionally weird – like a bronze statue of a figure squatting to poop. The one of interest to the digital signage creative and pro AV community was done by the Barcelona studio OnionLab, is is called Esclat. At least I think that’s the one … there is another gallery that’s also digitally-drivem.

Esclat is an audiovisual piece that reinterprets three elements of Barcelona’s art and architecture through artificial intelligence: the stained glass windows, the trencadís and the fountains of Montjuïc.

This more representative and less typical approach to local culture is composed of three stages. The audiovisual begins by showing the colors that form the stained glass windows, then goes through the mosaics of Gaudí’s iconic trencadís and ends with a simulation of water and lights that represents the fountains of Montjuïc. With this we seek to immerse you in a digital artistic space with typical elements of Catalan culture and geography.

The AV side of this was done by AV integrator Trison, which has a big office and presence in Barcelona.

No technical details but the creative is gorgeous …

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