Elevator Giant Schindler’s Media Network Also Has Projected Ads On Lift Doors

May 21, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I am in Germany this week for the invidis-organized Digital Signage Summit at a hotel attached to Munich’s airport.

The S-Bahn will roll me over to that hotel later today, but I am staying right now at a hotel in Munich’s city center – where there are leafy beer gardens and more interesting architecture.

My hotel has a Digital OOH product I have not seen before … at least I don’t remember seeing.

It is a short-throw projector mounted about the door to the hotel’s guest elevator, called Doorshow. The website is all in German but this is a product of Swiss elevator manufacturer Schindler, which has what it calls the Schindler Media Network. That network also includes large format displays inside elevator cabs, on a wall.

There is a Chinese company, EastIdea, that also has a short-throw door projection product.

The projection fills much of the steel elevator/lift door. I am not sure there is one on each floor, as I am staying on the hotel’s ground level.

Impressions – brighter than I would have imagined. I think its media value hangs a lot on the dynamics of the hotel and dwell times.

Limited posts this week, as I am super-busy at the summit – moderating five or six sessions and hopefully recording several podcasts, if those plans come together.

Back at world HQ on Monday.

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