Pix: See How Dead & Company Using That Giant Screen In Sphere For Concert Residency

May 17, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The next touring rock act has moved into Sphere in Las Vegas, and photos have now been pushed out showing how Dead & Company is using the attractions vast, curved indoor screen.

The band – three members of the original Grateful Dead plus three others, including solo artist John Mayer – is playing 24 shows at the venue from mid-May to mid-July. Each weekend’s three performances will feature a unique setlist.

Producing this level and scale of creative is all-caps EXPENSIVE, but likely manageable when stretched across ticket sales from 18 shows. Big touring acts already use lots of grand-scale visuals as digital backdrops, but it is fun and interesting to see what creatives do with a canvas this big.

The residency started last night.

Photos with “Rich Fury”: Rich Fury/Sphere Entertainment

Photos/footage with “Alive Coverage”: Alive Coverage


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