Workspace Booking Platform Humly Expands Solutions To Company Parking Spaces

May 16, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The pandemic-triggered shift in how workspaces are designed and operated evolved the use-case for screen-based solutions around offices – adding shared desk availability to displays that pre-pandemic were more about meeting room assignments and availability.

Now a Swedish company operating in that “workplace experience” space has added a new twist – visualizations that show the availability of parking spaces and the ability to book them.

The Parking Space Booking feature is part of Humly’s Floor Plan software, one of several solutions “designed to help people navigate the challenges of the modern workplace, from balancing a rotation of hybrid schedules to guiding visitors and customers through their onsite journeys.”

The Parking Space Booking feature, says PR, provides a complete view of the open-air parking lot or multi-level garage. The software’s clear 3D visualization allows users to quickly identify available spaces for general, visitor, disabled, and electric vehicle parking, among other areas. Parking spaces are shaded red (booked) and green (available) on the Floor Plan layout; users immediately claim an open spot upon clicking the bookable parking space and entering the desired parking duration.

“We developed this application to help staff and visitors navigate the concrete jungle of everyday parking, which can be especially challenging in busy urban centers, as well as shared parking lots and garages,” says Oskar Hagberg, CTO, Humly. “It is perfectly at home within Humly Floor Plan because of its full-view visibility and deep interactive capabilities. We will soon add more interactive elements, including clickable icons, making booking choices even easier to identify. With the ability to also swipe, scroll, zoom in, and zoom out, Humly Floor Plan and its latest feature are squarely focused on ease of use and the customer experience.”

Humly has a stand next month at InfoComm in Las Vegas.

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