Data-Driven Generative Art Used For Canadian Bank’s Video Wall At Busy Transit Hub Branch

May 15, 2024 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting use of an LED video wall at the front of a very public bank branch – the TD Canada Trust branch at Toronto’s Union Station, a hub for passenger rail, commuter rail and commuter buses, as well as a main subway stop.

The branch has a big 12 foot by 6 foot LED display with original creative developed by Montreal’s Float4. The creative integrates a variety of data sources to reflect downtown Toronto’s weather in real time. “Clouds drift, rain falls, and lighting shifts, all synchronized with a weather API while lighting and color palettes adjust according to the time of day. The generative landscape unfolds across four layers, ensuring a perpetually evolving visual journey.”

The display runs off a single 8k Realmotion server (Realmotion is a tech spin-out from Float4).

“Thanks to a tailored CMS,” says Float4, “the TD team can seamlessly manage content uploads and schedules tailored to their specific requirements. This combination of cutting-edge technology and creative control ensures an engaging and adaptable digital display.”

If it’s been a few years since you’ve been through Toronto and Union Station, the mass transit hub has undergone a massive, many-years-long overhaul that has resulted in “dingy” no longer being the first word that comes to mind when describing it.

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