Video: LED Ribbon Display At Jacksonville’s Airport Cleverly Manages TSA Screening Area

May 10, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I wrote back in February about the 100 feet of Nanolumens LED ribbon on a bulkhead wall over the entries to TSA security screening at Jacksonville, Florida’s airport, and how it was set up to do things like locating different screening lines and also run  background content specific to that day.

Heres another video, from the solutions provider behind this (Art of Context) that shows how things work.

Arrivals tiles on the sign inform the lively “meeter and greeters” who gather here to welcome loved ones. Queue wait times via Xovis are front and center. The entry lanes are easily changed as needed by agents with a tablet interface. Full administration, with complete content control, is enjoyed by the awesome JAX staff! Powered by Art of Context’s web-based Airport Display Platform and running on a single Chromebox.  

The LED is a 2.5mm.

Very clever. I like how it does the basics of letting people know what line to get into and toughly how long it is going to take to go through the screening process and get on to gates. I also like the pop-ups that show flight status, though I’m a bit confused by showing arrivals and not departures. I guess savvy travelers would have an idea of the connecting flights they’re getting on (like something from Miami that will then go on to, I dunno, Cleveland. But I assume this also shows the status of departing flights and their gate assignments.

Whatever the case, it speaks to the point that while big dollar, flashy experiential installations at airports are awesome, LED can be very effectively used for much more pedestrian displays in airports that deliver experience in a different way.

  1. Colleen Hamilton says:

    Thanks for the nod Dave. The queue starts just as you go under the sign, so there is typically no dwell for departing passengers, hence not showing departures. But the airport can turn on Departure tiles at any point and rotate with Arrival tiles or have neither. The area in front of the sign is an active “Meeter Greeter” hang out, hence the arrivals tiles. Cheers

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      OK, THAT makes sense

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