Design Huddle Curates, Integrates Key AI-Based Workflow Tools Into Its Graphic Design Software

May 3, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Visuals generated by artificial intelligence seemed like something that would be quickly adopted for use by digital signage companies, but most of the software and solutions people who’ve been showing or at least talking about AI tools have used them much more for back-end purposes – notably using it to do the more mundane aspects of coding. But now a company specifically in the creative design business has come out with a first set of tools it says help streamline and simplify content creation.

The small West Coast US startup Design Huddle says it has carefully curated various AI models and seamlessly integrated them into the Design Huddle UI, enabling time-saving features like image upscaling and enabling a front-end for creating images from text prompts.

“We do the heavy lifting to integrate various generative AI models on the back end,” the company notes in a blog post. “On the front end, you and your users can take advantage of this technology in the same easy-to-use interface Design Huddle is known for.”

And take note: if we integrate with a model (let’s say DALL·E 3), but you want to request a new model or have your own license for a different model, no problem – we can easily swap them in.

The company was already in the market with B2B graphic design software that allows brands, agencies, and other platforms to create what it describes as lockable digital, video, print, and presentation templates for their users. There are some similarities to solutions like Canva, but also a lot of distinctions. The one that would particularly interest a lot of tech companies in this industry is the ability to fully integrate and white label the Design Huddle toolset inside something like a CMS.

The key AI features being touted:

Design Huddle notes further AI features are being reviewed and potentially added.

“One of the major advantages of our approach is that we do the legwork to track and assess the best-of-breed AI models available so that you don’t have to. Our research and testing looks at everything from feature/functionality to performance to value – all the different aspects you need to be confident in so you can fully reap the benefits of AI in this ever-changing industry.”

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