Planned NYC FC Stadium In Queens To Have Seven-Storey LED Entryway Called The Cube

March 12, 2024 by Dave Haynes

This may be a looming opportunity for an LED display manufacturer – a big LED portal leading into what would be New York City’s first purpose-designed pro football (soccer) stadium.

The entryway is called The Cube and it would be a signature feature of the new stadium for the MLS team New York City FC, which has been playing its home games in Yankee Stadium, which was built and set up for baseball, not footy.

The LED Cube would be seven storeys tall. There is also a big-ass LED score/replay screen schemed into a corner of the seating bowl, and the overall development includes a hotel, retail, housing and even an elementary school. That could mean many screens.

The 25,000 seater stadium is expected to open in 2027, though a little background reading suggests the stadium hasn’t cleared all the planning hurdles just yet. The site is near CITI Field, where baseball’s NY Mets play.

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