Vistar Media Adds Design Services To Overall Programmatic DOOH Offer

June 7, 2023 by Dave Haynes

NYC-based programmatic DOOH platform Vistar Media – I think the cool kids use the term P-DOOH – has taken the interesting step of not only providing a toolset to place targeted advertising, they can also now design the ads.

Vistar Studio is a dedicated creative team – based in NYC and Amsterdam – that can provide advertising design services “to help marketers take full advantage of the out-of-home (OOH) format.”

Vistar suggest it is the first programmatic DOOH provider to offer a dedicated creative team. The new service is run by Martine Hammink, who has been leading the studio team in supporting EMEA clients under Sage+Archer, the leading European buying platform for DOOH that was acquired by Vistar Media in 2022. Martine’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of neuroscience insights and physiological signals — for example, how the human brain most effectively processes imagery, how a looming vs. receding graphic can capture attention more effectively, or how leveraging subtle animation over abrupt can be less distracting. 

The Vistar Studio team involves creative strategists, designers and HTML5 specialists. “Designing for digital out-of-home, especially for dynamic campaigns, goes beyond just graphic and motion design,” says Hammink. “It requires a deep understanding of HTML5, the technicalities of ad serving, and insight into how to capture visual attention effectively through dynamic elements. By being able to support agencies and brands with full-service digital design, we have created truly innovative and award-winning campaigns.”

Vistar says the services include dynamic work, mockups, resizing, converting static to motion and producing material that can work across different mediums.

“Programmatic companies are typically seen as the pipes that allow transactions to flow in a marketplace, but our aim is to grow that marketplace by delivering undeniable results for brands,” says Michael Provenzano, Co-Founder & CEO of Vistar Media. “Better creatives drive better results. Creatives and design have always been at the heart of OOH, and by joining that with programmatic tech we can deliver at a whole other level.”

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