Sneak Preview: Creative For That Giant LED Wall At Next Week’s InfoComm Mixer

June 7, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The site for next week’s Sixteen:Nine InfoComm Digital Signage Mixer in Orlando is a working virtual production studio that can also be booked as an event space – so attendees will be sipping cocktails and chatting up industry friends while surrounded by a vast, curved LED video wall.

There will be conventional event branding and sponsor recognition on that 155 by 26 foot canvas, but we also wanted to show some of what’s possible on screens that big – so three small-ish creative production companies were asked if they wanted to produce content for it, as a way to show their chops.

Their material will run on the LED volume during the event, interspersed with sponsor recognition.

The three companies providing material are:

Render Impact, the creative division of Bethlehem, PA-based Specialized Productions

Nista. Digital Content – which is well-known industry vet Jim Nista’s own studio, based in LA

Strinko Visual Design Studio, out of Las Vegas

Render Impact has developed a series of different visual vignettes across the LED volume. This draft image shows testing.

Jim Nista is both a coder and an artist, and has developed generative AI pieces that he calls Code Painting. “One fun-fact about this work is that since it’s all code, the entire project would fit on a floppy disk,” says Nista. “It’s nice to have a video wall project where the deliverable is in kilobytes instead of terabytes.”

Younger readers can Google “floppy disks” if they’re confused.

Aaron Strinko, whose company works on interesting displays like that big, shiny sphere in Resorts World, really went out there – with his full-screen piece involving a giant moon moth. “The real goal is to show off the resolution, brightness and color of these screens,” he says.

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