APAC Group Releases Open Source OOH/DOOH Audience Measurement Framework For Media Buyers

May 31, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A new and free e-book from the Singapore-based Outernet Marketing Innovation Group (OMIG), an APAC region group populated by brand marketers, provides what’s described as an “Open Source OOH Audience Measurement Framework” for companies in the Asian and Indian markets active on the buying side of OOH/DOOH media.

The regional industry initiative spearheaded by the ad-tech firm Moving Walls and The Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore (AAMS), which includes more than 30 brand marketing firms. It builds on an earlier “playbook” from the group for incorporating data and technology into OOH media campaigns.

The latest group is formed by leaders from the buy side who are responsible for shaping product and innovation strategies within their organizations. This open-source document encompasses fresh ideas, thought leadership and crucial discussions centered around OOH audience measurement. It is an important first step in providing a baseline framework for OOH media owners to provide audience measurement that aligns with advertiser expectations.

“The DOOH Impression Multiplier Framework is an enabler to advertisers and media agencies in making data-driven decisions when it comes to OOH placements,” says Memo Moreno, VP  of the Media Specialists Association of the Philippines (MSAP) and Managing Partner of Mindshare. “It removes the guesswork.  It moves us from an old school measurement system to more relevant, real-time and actionable ways of working.”

“This is an exciting step towards developing an industry-recognized measurement for OOH. The methodology and data sources are robust and well thought through. With sufficient campaigns to show efficacy, this should allow advertisers and media planners to make more informed decisions on their OOH mix and investment,” adds Elaine Poh,  Managing Director, Domestic Business of Publicis Media.

“The evolution from Opportunity to See to Likely to See, or Attentive Reach, is aligned with how media agencies are now looking at the value of impressions.  As an industry having 100% transparency- on our metrics is highly important,” says Craig Harvey, Head of Research at Mediabrands APAC.

The recommended measurement models laid out in the framework are seen by the group as a way to boost trust among advertisers who want to plan and execute Programmatic DOOH campaigns across multiple media owners who are providing impression data from industry-verified sources.

The e-book is a free download, but as is almost always the case, they’ll want some details like name and email.

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