Big Wildfire Close By, But So Far No Threat To Sixteen:Nine World HQ

May 30, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Photo: Katy Parsons/CBC

Several industry friends have very kindly sent me notes asking if all is fine at World HQ, given the abrupt start and rapid spread of a big wildfire near where we live and work outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We’re fine.

This post feels self-indulgent, but people are asking, and this is easier than responding one by one to emails. So here’s the situation …

The fire sparked up in a forested housing subdivision that’s just the next exit down a highway from us, and in behind my local liquor store, which was mercifully spared. Priorities ;-]

The fire has so far destroyed or damaged about 200 homes, and there are thousands of properties in its general path, forcing some pretty substantial areas to be evacuated.

We’re fortunate that the fire’s path is, so far, northeast, while we’re southeast of the blaze, and there are some big lakes and a four lane divided highway the fire would need to jump to get anywhere near us, should wind directions change.

Our house is clad in concrete tiles, so the shingled roof might burn but not the exterior walls. On the other hand, our immediate backyard is 20,000 acres of  protected wilderness land – so there are millions of trees and tinder-dry bushes in the very immediate vicinity!

We love Nova Scotia, and don’t miss all the nothing-is-easy mega-city characteristics of greater Toronto. But in five years here, we’ve had a couple of serious hurricanes blow through our yard, and now we’re watching the sky, sniffing for smoke and getting a short-notice evac plan together. I haven’t met anyone local who’s in the pro AV business, but they exist and there may well be someone much, much more directly affected.

Thanks to those who’ve sent me notes. If posts seem to dry up at some point this week, that might mean the winds shifted and we’re on the move. Doubtful, but …

  1. Paul Fleuranges says:

    Safety first, snark second my friend! 😉

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