More Than 250 InfoComm 2023 Exhibitors List As Having Digital Signage Solutions Or Services

May 29, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Just a couple of weeks out now for InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, and time to have a look at who all will be there from a digital signage point of view.

The exhibitor list for the big pro AV trade AV – the largest in North America – has 264 companies that include digital signage as a technology category, and 85 vendors are listed as being in the digital signage zone, or what the show calls a pavilion.

As is the case with ISE and other multi-segment trade shows, there are pure-play digital signage companies in that 264 number, but also numerous companies of different scale that offer gear or services that might get used in digital signage. Those companies, like Crestron, are into a lot of things, but wouldn’t really be thought of as digital signage vendors.

The biggest footprint stand is LG’s, followed closely in size by its main competitor Samsung. LG has a 130 by 80 foot stand and right beside it is Samsung, measuring 110 by 80. Sharp NEC and Sony have 80 by 60s, though they are both front row positions, so people walking in will see those stands almost immediately.

If you have been to a few InfoComms – this is maybe my 15th – the big display guys are where they usually are. Samsung and LG tend to be in the center of the big halls, along a main attendee walkway.

A little surprisingly, the Chinese display manufacturing giant BOE is not at the show, at least not with its own exhibit.

Numerous other Chinese LED manufacturers are present, including Unilumin, Leyard (via Planar), and Absen. A company unfamiliar to me – Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity Co., Ltd – has a substantial stand in the DS pavilion.

I haven’t figured out how to get a total exhibitor count, but it is a very safe assumption that the 2023 version will see a big bump from 2022 in Las Vegas – an event held kinda sorta at the tail end of the pandemic. It was normal-ish, but numbers were still down. Other recent trade shows suggest these kinds of events are rebounding to pre-2020-2022 numbers.

The weather forecast is as you might expect – high 80s/low 90s F and humid. Delightful for some, not so much for people not used to 24/7 steam bath conditions.

Education/training sessions at InfoComm start June 10th, but the three-day trade show component starts on the 14th. The Sixteen:Nine Digital Signage Mixer – put on by AVIXA – is on the evening of the 13th and is VERY VERY sold out. I have no extra cache of tickets, sorry.

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