Wi-Charge Launches 7-Inch Retail Marketing Display Powered Without Wires

May 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

One of the biggest challenges with putting digital displays in retail at the point of decision for shoppers – in the aisles and in other merchandising positions – has been finding ways to power the screens without adding a lot of costly electrical infrastructure.

It’s changing with new-build retail, but a hell of a lot of the built retail estate doesn’t have power at or near the shelves, end-caps or display tables, so the workarounds have been running new electrical, usually in protective pipes and sleeves to the target locations, or if the screens are low power, using cheaper network cabling and Power Over Ethernet (POE).

There are also battery-powered displays, but they need to be charged daily, and e-paper displays that hod a charge for much longer but compromise, by necessity, on things like color and support for motion.

I note all that to explain why companies chasing digital signage business in retail settings might be intrigued by a new product from the Israeli start-up Wi-Charge.

The company is focused on long-range wireless power solutions, and has developed its own retail displays to support the tech. It already had 5-inch displays on the market, but has now added 7-inch versions that have, obviously, more screen real estate, but also a higher resolution. Wi-Charge says the units are the industry’s most energy-efficient and powerful wirelessly charged video displays for retailers, brands, and marketers to reach consumers directly at the point of purchase on store shelves, queue lines, and at restaurant tables.

video displays, available immediately in response to growing worldwide demand from its customers. The new Wi-Spots are 100% larger than the previous 5” displays, with higher resolution, and support a broader number of content management system (CMS) capabilities. The Wi-Spot 7” displays reaffirm Wi-Charge’s mission of enabling more and more devices to be powered in a world without wires.

Wi-Charge’s breakthrough over-the-air charging technology can charge devices in a 30-foot range, extending the value and capabilities of a wide range of consumer and B2B solutions. Wi-Charge eliminates the complexities and inconvenience of cables and batteries to give product developers free rein to design a new generation of mobile and smart devices and end-users the freedom they crave from hassle-free devices. 

Wi-Spot displays are ideal for amplifying messaging and driving customer engagement at the point of purchase in brick-and-mortar locations where 80% of overall buying decisions are made. Wi-Spot is a slim and elegant video display that can easily be installed on store shelves, refrigerator aisle doors, queue lines, free-standing pallet displays, and restaurant tables to deliver targeted ads, tutorials, promotions, and interactive messages. The displays connect wirelessly to cloud-based CMS systems and are equipped with smart sensors capable of monitoring aisle traffic, content engagement, dwell time, and more, providing retailers and brands with digital eyes right next to the products. Approximately 10 customers, including two of the largest retailers in Germany and France and restaurants in the United States and Europe, are already using Wi-Charge to more effectively reach consumers, boost sales, and gather shopper data. 
The new seven-inch form factor for the Wi-Spot delivers key enhancements to the previous generation of Wi-Spots, including: 

“Leave it to Wi-Charge to push the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible! The Wi-Spot 7” display with wireless power left our guests in awe. Wi-Charge’s innovative approach continues to impress and pave the way for a brighter future without wires,” said Charles S. Reid, president, Charter House Innovations.

The set-up needs a transmitter somewhere in the area – like mounted to a ceiling – and a receiver in the display unit. Wi-Charge makes its own displays out of necessity, but the goal is to license the tech to display manufacturers.

I did a podcast with Wi Charge a few months ago …

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