InfoComm 2023 And The Digital Signage Mixer Now Less Than Three Weeks Out

May 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

InfoComm 2023 is now coming up pretty quickly, and it is now less than three weeks until the big Sixteen:Nine Digital Signage Mixer on June 13th.

The event is a bit different from past industry mixers, in that it is being organized by the trade show and its owner-operators, the trade association AVIXA. So registration and ticketing has been handled by that team, as well as venue selection and logistics. With most mixers, the team is me, me and me.

What is the same, as always, is that the event is sold out, and has been for weeks. It was kinda sold out before it was announced, as registration was part of the general flow of registering for the trade show in Orlando.

The emails are coming in, as they always do, from industry friends sheepishly asking if I can get them in a side door or something, but the venue holds 300 and we’re well north of that number – with AVIXA and I assuming and hoping a percentage of people don’t show up (which always happens). Just showing up on the evening and talking/cajoling your way in won’t really work this time around. Sorry!!!

Other aspects of the mixer are coming together nicely, notably creative from the monstrous LED wall in the venue – a virtual production facility that doubles up in off-hours as an events venue. This event takes place at Vū Orlando, which features a 155′ x 26′ immersive LED Volume. The big curved video wall at Vu is among the largest permanent LED volumes in the United States, and while it is there mainly for virtual film and TV productions, it also gets used after-hours for events.

Render Impact, Strinko Visual Design and are all producing material that is being designed specifically to run on that vast screen – so it will be much more than a couple of hours of floating sponsor logos on a digital backdrop. Not that sponsor logos are bad! Sponsors make this event and mixers like it possible.

Additional Sponsors Welcomed

The AVIXA team has sold in three sponsors but would welcome more. The carrot is the opportunity to be part of what is THE networking event for the digital signage community. There are piles and piles of parties and dinners during a big event like an InfoComm, but most of them are geared to multiple markets and use-cases. So you can hit Brand X’s big party, and find yourself chatting with people who manufacture commercial speakers or microphones. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but networking time is finite – and people tend to want to mix with targeted customers and partners.

Normally, I send out emails to companies I know and pull the sponsors together. But in this case, sponsor sales and coordination are being handled by AVIXA. So … if you want to put your brand and people in front of some 300+ digital signage people, all in one room, the person to contact is Dan Cole of AVIXA. His email:

Seneca/Arrow. Nanolumens and LG have kindly stepped up as sponsors.



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