Telecine Launches Digital Signage Ready – A Branded Subscription Content Service

May 24, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Montreal solutions provider Telecine Multimedia has launched Digital Signage Ready, or DSR – what it calls an à la carte content subscription service for end-user screen networks.

It is a branded content library that, similar to established subscription content offers on the market, rounds out programming on screens and, done well, keeps  audiences looking a those screens. The distinction, says Telecine, is the branding component – the ability to include a company logo on the content feeds.

“Digital Signage Ready (DSR) was a natural progression for Telecine. We already offer targeted content, and templates in many of our services like FinFacts, LifeStyle, AirQuality, and others. DSR offers clients a menu of content possibilities,” says Justin Lachovsky, director of sales and marketing for Telecine. “You can subscribe to services like news, sports, finance, infotainment, weather, or local news.”

“We liken DSR to all the content you can eat,” he adds. “Choose a few services or choose a lot. The content is fresh and displayed in real-time across your digital signage network. The big difference with DSR versus others out there is that DSR is offered with your company branding. This is key to optimal brand recognition and awareness. DSR helps keep your brand top of mind with your patrons while offering a vast library of content choices.”

Probably the biggest licensed content provider in digital signage, Screenfeed, also offers the ability to tweak the colors of subscription content templates to match brand colors and build in logos.

  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Screenfeed does allow logos and branding on its content as well as customized templates.

    1. Justin Lachovsky says:

      We love everything Screenfeed has done for the industry that helped pave the way for DSR. We love working with you and will continue to do so.

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