Broadsign Pairs it Programmatic Platform With Adkom, Blip To Serve Indie Digital Billboard Owners

May 12, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Broadsign has announced what it calls a “technology collaboration” that ties its programmatic demand and supply side capabilities with a couple of technology firms – Adkom and Blip – that aggregate media buying on independent roadside LED billboards in the US not owned by major media companies.
The arrangement brings more than 2,000 large format, roadside digital billboards located in more than 190 markets to the Broadsign supply-side-platform.
Says PR:
Advertisers and media buying agencies around the world can now access the inventory via any of the demand-side-platforms (DSPs) integrated with the Broadsign SSP, including the Broadsign Ads DSP, while independent roadside media owners on the Adkom and Blip networks gain new programmatic revenue opportunities. 
The integration, which includes Adkom and Blip’s mediation layer, unlocks US roadside inventory that may have previously been difficult to procure due to a fragmented media owner landscape, making it simple to purchase through a programmatic platform. At the same time, independent media owners on the Adkom and Blip networks can increase revenue potential through new and repeat exposure to brands transacting on DSPs integrated with Broadsign. 
“We’re committed to working with brands, agencies, DSPs and SSPs to ensure that we are adding as much value as possible at every point of the programmatic transaction. Optimizing campaigns, providing real-time reporting, ensuring prompt creative approval, and offering service to our customers on both sides of the transaction is essential to this mission, and our work with Broadsign will allow us to build on that,” says Andy Gotshalk, Vice President of Programmatic for Adkom and Blip.
“Programmatic DOOH is advancing at a rapid pace, and more advertisers and agencies embracing the channel want access to unique and targeted inventory via Adkom and Blip offerings,” says John Dolan, Global Head of Media Sales and Service, Broadsign.  
Adkom aggregates the inventory of some 350 media owners across the US, while Blip’s pitch is its ability to fill what it calls the “perishable digital billboard space” of some 300 media owners.

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