German LED Firm Builds, Stacks Sea Container-Style For Pop-Up Event Screens

May 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a variation on that pop-up display used for short-term sports and entertainment events in the UK – a German design that’s been around since 2010, stacking two sea container-like units, the upper one with an LED screen.

The company is Stuttgart-based LED rental company Screen Visions, and it markets the Vidibox as a multi-purpose device for events and place-based activations. The bottom unit can be set up to serve many purposes, including a glass-walled showroom or concessions stand, while the top supports multiple advertising faces – with the main one facing out from the front of the unit.

The LED display is 16 square meters in screen size. Screen Visions says the boxes set up in two to three hours, and on-site techs are provided, as well as a truck crane to stack the units once they are transported to site.

German language content partner invidis has a post up about a recent Ford SUV campaign that uses the units.

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