Books Tumble Off Shelf On This Great LED Retail Facade At Qatar’s Flashy New Airport

May 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

As LED costs have lowered and awareness among architects and retail space designs has increased, we’ve started to see some premium locations of stores replace conventional facades with digital versions – and this is a great example of a brand using creative to really work with the physical set-up.

It is a Day2Day newsstand-style store in Qatar’s flashy new airport, which has a big LED display flanking the store entry and covering the bulkhead, turning the full face of the shop into a marketing and messaging tool.

As mentioned, that’s been done … but I haven’t seen many instances of these installs using creative that plays with the physical set-up – in this case a books promotion that sees books pushed off the side of a virtual shelf over the entryway. 

The LED displays are part of the Lumos family manufactured and marketed by the UK firm Esprit Digital.

This is what the store looks like from the concourse …


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