DSE Starts Trickling Out Details On Education Sessions For December Event

May 10, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The organizers of Digital Signage Experience, set for early December in Las Vegas, have started trickling out information about its education sessions and the speakers and panelists who’ll get in front of mikes.

The sessions, as you might expect, tick a lot of hot topic boxes like AI and retail media networks. The sessions being previewed include:

It looks good. Some of the speakers/panelists are familiar faces, but I like that people have been lined up from some good creative agencies and interesting venues.

You can look at the full schedule here. The dates for DSE had to be juggled to create some time distance from the F1 race in November, which will be fun to watch on TV but will likely be hellish for people in Las Vegas who don’t follow auto racing and are just trying to get around.

The 16:9 Mixer will be on the Sunday night, so I’ll be be getting there, groan, on Saturday.

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