Portable Structures Firm Tops Pop-Up Building With Folding LED Display For Public Events

May 9, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting mash-up of a pop-up portable structure for events with a large direct view LED panel that rests on the roof.

Called The Cube Sight and Sound, it’s about the size of a small sea container, but is designed to collapse and fold into a much smaller footprint for transportation. The idea is that the screen, which lowers and collapses for transport, can support the food and beverage unit immediately below it, or the overall unit could be used for things like a retail, ticketing or customer service stand, or even as a small portable performance stage.

The unit has a six meters by 2.4 meters footprint (roughly 20 ft by 9 ft), and takes about 45 minutes to install, screen included. The Sight and Sound name  suggests, at minimum, audio outputs. The interesting thing is that for big public events like concerts and sports, a bunch of these could be tiled together in a row. The units collapse to such a degree that as many as 10 can be loaded and transported to site on a single truck (Editor: The Linkedin post below says 24, but the manufacturer says 10).

Launched last fall, the units are a variation on portable structures made and marketed by a UK firm called Cube International.  The company also has a partnership with a Birmingham, UK media firm that manages advertising on LED displays.

A Linkedin commenter had a reasonable question about the wind load capacity of the display component of these things. If they go up in 30 seconds, as advertised, I suppose an on-site crew could react pretty quickly to bad weather coming in.

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