Uniguest Goes Back To Future: Enabling Digital Signage On Hotel Business Center Screens

May 2, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The hospitality-centric digital signage solutions firm Uniguest has done a little back to the future thing, adding a digital signage mode to business center workstations in hotels – the original service offer of the Nashville-based company.

Uniguest got its start in hotels like Hiltons by delivering and managing the business centers – the rooms or designated areas made available to guests to do things like print out boarding passes for flights, or documents for meetings that day. Being an established service provider in hotels resulted in customers asking if they could also provide digital signage solutions, which over time led to the company’s evolution and multiple digital signage CMS acquisitions.

From PR:

Uniguest has today announced the launch of Digital Signage Mode in its updated public-use workstation platform, SA11, allowing customers to benefit from full digital signage CMS (Content Management System) control, management, and scheduling of content on its Secure Workstation.

Through this launch the SA11 Secure Workstation becomes an integral part of Uniguest’s Digital Engagement Platform, furthering its mission to create connected content networks, allowing customers to deploy campaign content wherever it is needed.

With over 27,000 Secure Workstations deployed, Uniguest has significantly expanded its customers’ ability to dynamically engage its audience through public-use computers by delivering content campaigns from the Uniguest Digital Signage CMS.

The Secure Workstation has been a hugely popular technology in the hospitality industry, enhancing the experience and improving guest engagement for our customers,” says Uniguest VP of Sales for Hospitality Mike Quigley. “With the launch of SA11, we are now doing something unique; the business center PC has become a fully functioning digital signage display.”

“By enabling central control of SA11 with our Digital Signage Mode we are allowing hoteliers the opportunity to engage guests in another way, using prime real estate to create additional value and to maximize their investment in our technology.”

Uniguest is an interesting company is that it established business in a very specific vertical, and has pretty much stuck with it … instead of going more general with an offer. The company has done several acquisitions (Onelan, TriplePlay, UCview and Janus) that add to a solution stack focused on hotels – from the lobby to in-room TVs. They also do senior living, which in higher end facilities have a lot of similarities with hotel properties in terms of services and amenities.

This digital signage mode is a variant of the desktop digital signage capabilities introduced by several companies chasing the workplace market, with software that gets digital signage-like messaging on remote and work-from-home screens.

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