Clever Dublin Billboard Campaign Customizes Messages To People, Groups Passing By

May 2, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is quite clever – a billboard campaign in Dublin that uses projection mapping to flash cheeky messages in real-time to people walking through a neighbourhood.

The awareness campaign for a new Tesco Express c-store in the Charlemont Square uses high-bright projection to push messages to a blank static billboard that people can see from the sidewalk, with a copywriter from a Dublin agency in the immediate area observing foot traffic, and customizing the messages to the people or groups passing through.

Tesco wanted a fun way to make people aware there was a new store in the new-build development.

“We are really proud of our new Charlemont Square store and because we are a little tucked away, we wanted to have some fun with the challenge of letting our customers know exactly where we are,” explains Tesco Ireland marketing director Cathal Deavy.

“First impressions are important and they say you only get to make one,” says Sam Caren, creative lead at BBH Dublin, the agency that executed the campaign. “With this approach, we get to make an impactful impression, multiple times, on multiple people and have a ton of fun doing it while answering the brief of letting people know the new store’s location. Just because something is functional and hard-working doesn’t mean it has to be boring.”

Here’s the video

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