Watch This Video On How An Apparel Brand Uses Dynamic LED Lighting To Drive Experience

May 1, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This video (below) does a nice job showing how simple LED lighting strips can add a lot of visual interest to businesses like retail.

It is used by Stradivarius, a retail chain that sells women’s apparel (not priceless, centuries-old violins). It’s a Spanish company, part of a larger group that also owns Zara.

The design studio Instronic, based in Barcelona, uses lighting strips around window panels and does simple animations that attract the eye and don’t, visually, yell at shoppers. The capital budget for this would be far less than a facade that’s dominated by LED displays, and the operating costs would also be quite a bit lower, in terms of energy consumption.

I’m a fan of minimalism when it fits. I don’t see this happening with sports retailers, or even with all the stores in the Inditex group of retail brands. A fast fashion chain called Lefties is like a polar opposite to this – with visual razzle dazzle a central part of the experience.

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