C-stores Are Nicer In Germany (Or At Least This One Is!)

April 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The stores tied in with gas stations in Germany are evidently much nicer than the ones crammed and grubby ones I’ve seen around North America – at least the new ones operated by a company over there called TotalEnergies.

The store design and execution team at the German firm umdasch pushed out images of a new digital-filled store design for the multi-energy company. There is a nice set of menu displays over the bakery section, more screens at checkout and a (presumably) high-bright screen looking out to the forecourt where motorists are getting their “petrol.”

It also looks, at least, like the chillers for drinks have transparent LCD doors.

From Linkedin:

The professionals from umdasch Digital Solutions are equipping several hundred petrol station shops with Digital Signage solutions and thus supporting petrol station tenants and employees in adapting content to the brand design in a matter of seconds. This is made possible by the use of the so-called Dealer App. With this app, prices or other content can be changed in a few simple steps and without prior graphic knowledge.

I chatted with a couple of guys from umdasch at the Digital Signage Awards during ISE. It’s an interesting company, in that they do store design and general contracting, from c-stores all the way up to champagne bars in Harrod’s. But they also have an active digital signage practice.


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