AUO Display Plus Debuts Screen-Integrated Meeting Pods For Airports

April 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

If you travel a lot, you have likely walked along airport concourses that have little pods that can be rented/used for power naps or privacy for breastfeeding or pumping, and now the Taiwan manufacturer AUO Display Plus has developed an office pod that allows business travellers to do a meeting in an enclosed office.

The company has put its new Smart P.O.D. (Place-on-Demand) solution into the post-security area of Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 2, “allowing business travelers to effectively utilize their pre-flight time for seizing business opportunities at any time.”

Not everyone has airline lounge access, and those places can be busy and noisy. Food courts and restaurants on concourses are worse, so this has an attraction – though Taoyuan is a pretty serene place, as airports go. Way too hard to hunt down a place with beer, though!

I note all this because there are big flat panels on the side walls of these units, presumably used to generate usage and revenue. But they could, or maybe do, also functional as advertising faces.

AUO Display Plus acquired Rise Vision last year, so it would be logical that the screens are driven by that CMS.

Side note: Digital signage veteran Dina Townsend left the industry a couple of months back to try something different, and work for a company near her northern Vermont home. It markets “lactation” pumping and breastfeeding pods for moms, for venues like airports and malls. She’s VP Sales. When we chatted about the job shift, I looked at some images and said, “You know you could put screens on the sides of those things …”

She knew …

Big change and she said she’ll miss her industry friends (and we’ll miss her), but the chance to work high up in a women-led company, and just drive to work, was too good to pass up. Being in tech sales in northern New England meant any meeting she was going to was a flight, and often another flight.

Here’s what the Mamava pods look like:

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