Big New LED Being Lit Up On Northern Gateway To Vegas Strip

April 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Big LED displays are about as common in Las Vegas as tipsy flocks of hen partiers wobbling along sidewalks on too-high heels, but every so often a new one goes up that’s a bit different and interesting – like this new one up at the top end of the strip.

The NJ-based outdoor media firm Pearl Media has entered the Vegas market with a big swoop of a display that sits on top of a Walgreens at the corner of the strip and Sahara, across a super-busy intersection from the Sahara resort.

The 9,624 square foot display has been dubbed The Gateway, a nod to how it sits at what could be considered the north entry to the strip (though the Stratosphere a couple of blocks further up is maybe where people think the casino-dotted strip strip).

Pearl says the location is attractive because Sahara is a major east-west route and just off one of the main exits of the I-15 freeway that bisects the sprawling city.

“We have been looking for the right asset for us to enter the Las Vegas market and this is it! There is so much activity in Vegas and so much more to come, we are super excited about the opportunity. THE GATEWAY provides us with an instant presence in one of the hottest markets and aligns with our other assets across the country, being big, bold and can’t miss,” says Joshua Cohen, CEO of Pearl Media.

The display has a gentle curve to respects the corner location, and I like how one end is higher than the other, so it is not just a big rectangle.

The Gateway officially launches later this spring. Not sure about the display manufacturer.

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