New Tiffany Flagship Uses LED To Create Million-Dollar Views Of New York From Solid Walls

April 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Hat tip to UK-based AV Magazine for catching something I missed at first glance about the very expensively renovated Tiffany & Co. flagship at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York. The photos I first saw suggested there was little to no digital in the reworked “Landmark” store, but AV picked up that the arched windows on the main floor are actually LED video walls.

On the ground floor,the luxury brand notes in its PR about the store, “visitors are immersed in iconic New York City scenery through video walls that project sweeping views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline when turned on and serve as mirrors when turned off. Wood parquet flooring throughout the building harkens back to the original 1940’s design, echoing the original pattern from our store interior. A new Tiffany & Co. clock, inspired by the original Atlas statue and clock, also sits on the ground level.

The Landmark marks the luxury retail institution’s first holistic renovation of the store since it first opened its doors in 1940. Opposing forces define the transformation: old and new, past and future, hidden and revealed treasures. Paying homage to the building’s iconic original structure, the beloved façade with its Atlas statue and clock above the revolving doors was refurbished to honor its original design, while the interiors have been completely reimagined into a new world of wonders.

“The reopening of the iconic Fifth Avenue Landmark is a major milestone for our House. Symbolic of a new era for Tiffany & Co., the Landmark is much more than a jewelry store— it is a cultural hub with an exquisite showcase of architecture and superior hospitality, as well as cutting-edge art and design. It sets a new bar for luxury retail on a global scale,” says Anthony Ledru, President and CEO, Tiffany & Co.

Faux windows that use digital display to create views where there are otherwise solid walls is not a new idea, but I’ve not seen a lot done at this kind of scale. Very impressive!

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