Mystery Solved: That Huge LED Set-Up In Beijing Museum Repurposed From Olympics

April 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Photo: Beijing Daily/Cheng Gong

If that huge LED set-up inside the China National Film Museum near Beijing that I posted about Monday seemed vaguely familiar, there was a reason: you may have seen it on TV.

The walls and floors inside a vast common space of the museum are covered in LED displays used in early 2022 inside the National Stadium, commonly known as the Bird’s Nest, for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The displays were donated to the museum by LED display manufacturer Leyard, which has its head offices in Beijing and is among the largest display companies in the world.

Marc Amstoutz of JCDecaux kindly sent me details and a link to a story in the People’s Daily Online …

Covering an area of about 14,500 square meters, the stage for the opening and closing ceremonies for Beijing 2022 in the Bird’s Nest is the world’s largest LED screen. Leyard provided around 10,000 square meters of LED screens for the stage.

To better protect and utilize the legacy of the Games and reproduce the most stunning moments of its opening and closing ceremonies, Leyard donated LED screens used in the Bird’s Nest during the Games to CNFM, including a vertical screen that is 24 meters high and 9.5 meters wide, and a ground screen that covers 695 square meters.

“CNFM is the largest national professional film museum in the world. Adding LED screens used for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to CNFM for collection and display is beneficial to utilizing the legacy of the Games to the utmost,” said an executive of Leyard.

This is what the set-up looked like at the Bird’s Nest …

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