Sixteen:Nine InfoComm Mixer Update: Call For Sponsors & How To Register

April 20, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A whole bunch of emails and Linkedin messages have come in since the announcement last week that there will be a Sixteen:Nine digital signage networking mixer at InfoComm in Orlando, on June 13th.

The event will have the usual feel and spirit of past mixers at various events, but this one is notably different in that it is a partnership with the trade show and its owner/organizer AVIXA, the global pro AV trade association. Normally, I pull the events together pretty much by myself (sleep is overrated), but this time most of the heavy lifting is being handled by the AVIXA team.

That means it’s helpful to clarify a couple of things: how to sponsor, and how to register and attend.

Normally (there’s that word again), I send out emails to companies I know and pull the sponsors together. But in this case, sponsor sales and coordination are being handled by AVIXA. So … if you want to put your brand and people in front of some 300+ digital signage people, all in one room, the person to contact is Dan Cole of AVIXA. His email:

Sponsorships tend to go super-fast, so if you are interested, chop-chop!

The other thing is registration. My typical approach is building a page on Eventbrite and encouraging people to sign up. But for the InfoComm mixer, registration is tied to InfoComm’s overall registration platform and application. So if you are going to the trade show and conference, you need to register for it and then choose the digital signage mixer/reception as an option.

If you have already registered, and think you maybe did indeed opt in on the mixer/reception, you can log back in and check. If you know you did not, you can go in and add that.

Here’s the large BUT (not butt) – as of yesterday, the tickets were pretty much gone. Because the registration engine is controlled by AVIXA, I have zero ability to go in and add names – no matter how nice or sad you make your grovelling email request to me. :-]

Closer in to the event, we’ll encourage those who are on the registration list to confirm if they are indeed planning to attend, and that might open up some slots.

We have three creative shops pulling together material to run at the venue that evening. I always try to have screens for sponsor recognition, but this will be very different – as instead of a bunch of 4K LCDs, we have just one screen … but it is 155 feet wide by 26 feet tall. The big curved video wall at Vu Orlando is among the largest permanent LED volumes in the United States, and while it is there mainly for virtual film and TV productions, it also gets used after-hours for events.

There are already some sponsors in place, but the opportunity is not closed. Again, Dan Cole is the guy to contact.

  1. Ben Cooper says:

    We got to registration too late this year. Where do I find ticket scalpers for this event? 😉

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Sorry! Way, way sold out!

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