Case Study Provides Glimpse Into How A Typical School Using Digital Signage

April 19, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The software firm Rise Vision works a lot with schools, places of worship and other community organizations, and the case studies and briefs it publishes on projects offer some interesting insights on the hows and whys of what I’d describe as modest jobs.

Much of what drops in my inbox from marketing and PR people is about work that’s big in both budget and scale, or flashy and ambitious. But there’s a lot of everyday work being done in places like schools that won’t get a lot of attention, but address problems.

Rise Vision sent along a piece about a tiny school district outside Rochester, NY that has all of two schools and 350 students, and the counseling office staffer charged with switching from communications read over school intercom systems to displays in key areas in the middle/high school, driven by a digital signage system.

The staffer went down the familiar path of trying to beat PowerPoint into submission as a digital signage platform, but with the help of the district’s IT director found its way to Rise Vision’s CMS.

The school now has several displays in place, including the cafeteria and main foyer. But it also re-purposes screens in classrooms for messaging when they’re not in active use for teaching, running morning announcements for students.

Again, nothing fancy with the job or the work done, but it gives a detailed glimpse into how a typical public school uses the technology.

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