Dubai Luxury Resort Invests Heavily in Fine Pitch LED And MicroLED Displays

April 14, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Fine pitch LED and microLED are big visual features at a glitzy new resort in a place where budgets are often not all that tight or fixed – Dubai.

Atlantis The Royal, a new resort from on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, has big LED displays in the lobby, in the spa and on the pool deck. There’s also a 146-inch microLED in the hotel’s luxury suite, appropriately called the Royal Mansion, that would have cost many, many, many UAE Dirhams.

All the product, including 100s of hospitality TVs in rooms, are Samsung.

“At Atlantis The Royal, every detail has been considered to truly elevate the guest experience and fully equip our colleagues. Samsung has been an instrumental technology partner from construction to opening,” says Anthony Lynsdale, VP for IT at Atlantis Dubai. “We are confident in both the quality and reliability of Samsung’s technology and team of experts to help us create and maintain an unparalleled hotel experience.”

Throughout the property, says PR, various types of Samsung Smart Signage have been installed to entertain guests and provide unique customer experiences in each space.

In the hotel’s awe-inspiring lobby, Samsung Smart LED Signage displays have been installed on three large water tanks that draw visitors’ attention at first glance with the largest screen measuring 6m x 8.5m. Samsung installed the hanging-type signage between the tanks and the walls to project incredible scenes, including fish swimming in the sea.

The hotel’s spa and gym feature impressive displays with Samsung Smart LED Signage from the company’s IER series, which leverage LED HDR technology for crystal clear picture presentation. Built to accommodate various installation space requirements, these flexible signage displays allowed the team at Atlantis The Royal to provide an immersive viewing experience in the spa and gym areas.

By the outdoor infinity pool, the ceviche bar features Samsung Outdoor LED signage that displays information clearly, even under direct sunlight, to entertain and communicate effectively with guests. The outdoor IP65 validated design protects it from dust and water and ensures continuous operation in any conditions.

The combination of the water tanks with an LED full motion backdrop is interesting. Virtual aquariums are hardly novel – it’s channel 557 or something on my local cable – but this is a different way of going at that. You get visually compelling, but none of maintenance inherent with giant fish tanks.

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