UK Creatives Aware Of AI’s Potential, But Doubt Their Jobs In Peril: Survey

April 6, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Creative agencies think the wave of artificial intelligence-driven tools that have emerged recently will streamline their workflows, but generally doubt bot-driven visuals will take their jobs away.

Those are key findings from a study done in the UK by one of the agencies in that region, Northampton-based Engine Creative. A survey of UK creatives organized by the agency dug in to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on creative industry, gathering and analyzing the opinions, experiences, and predictions of creative professionals.

The key findings:

The study, which surveyed creatives across various roles, ages, and industries, provides unprecedented insights into the attitudes, concerns, and expectations surrounding AI in the creative space. Results indicate that the majority of professionals recognise AI’s transformative potential, with 62% believing that those who do not adopt AI will be left behind by their competitors.

While the future of AI in the creative industry remains uncertain, many professionals see the technology as an unstoppable force. “It’s inevitable, and everyone should start thinking about it,” said one respondent. The study also found that creatives who use AI more frequently have a more positive outlook on its potential, suggesting that first-hand experience leads to increased optimism.

Despite the widespread recognition of AI’s potential, many creatives remain sceptical about the quality of AI-generated content. Nearly half (48.7%) believe that AI will never surpass the quality of human-produced content.

The agency has developed a white paper that’s available for download. The trade-off is your e-mail address.

This seems about right. Architects and engineers of past generations did drawings of structures by hand, with rooms full of big tables, T-squares and huge sheets of specialized paper. When computer-aided design (CAD) software was developed, the work gradually shifted to computer monitors and code that streamlined and accelerated work. But the work still needed to be done, and structures still go up based on blueprint drawings.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think we’ll see ChatGPT getting a prompt to come up with a slogan for an athletics apparel company and spitting back “Just do it.”


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