25 Meter Immersive LED Tunnel Switched On In Florence Connector Walkway

April 5, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is a 25 meter long LED tunnel on a walkway that takes people between the main passenger rail station in Florence and one of that gorgeous city’s most famous landmarks, the Duomo di Firenze (the main cathedral).

There are some 400 LED modules covering the side walls and ceilings on a portion of the corridor, adding up to 30M pixels.

The install uses the DXP One digital experience platform developed by Italian solutions provider M-Cube, and I will make the leap in logic that M-Cube also handled the deployment.

I can’t find many details but the project appears to be a digital OOH initiative that offers the ability to immerse people passing through that corridor in a brand or, as in the video below, a new movie or TV series promotion.

There is a Linkedin post up that shows a conceptual rendering of the site. The video seems to skew the dimensions of the tunnel and make it look much longer than it is, but perhaps that length was the original plan but it was shortened to control capital costs???

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