DSF Launches Free Careers Center To Connect People Looking And Companies Hiring

March 30, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I get lots of phone calls and emails from people on both ends of the hiring process – those looking for jobs and those looking for the right people. So news that the Digital Signage Federation has launched a jobs board is a welcome development, as it has the potential to create some focus that’s probably hard top come by with macro recruiting sites and platforms liked Linkedin.

The DSF Careers Center will be free to use for paying members of the DSF, and is funded by the contributions of DSF Advisory Board member companies.

“The DSF has long prided itself as an organization where members can meet, mingle, network and share best practices,” says DSF Membership Committee Chairman and Board Member Frank Pisano, CEO of Bluefin. “As a CEO, I’m always on the lookout for the top talent our industry has to offer, and this job center is going to benefit both the job seekers as well as the employers looking to hire.”

Says the DSF:

The jobs board will be populated in stages. This initial iteration of the jobs board will be followed by a fully integrated career center open to all members.  This phase two rollout will include resume management and secure employer/seeker communications. The goal is to have 5+ positions on the board to make it worthwhile for job seekers to visit.

“There’s never been a one-stop service for digital signage professionals looking to pursue new career opportunities,” says Len Dudis, DSF Board Chairman and CIO at Grupo Vidanta. “We feel this initiative will be critical in helping to attracting new talent, retaining digital signage professionals with experience and growing the overall industry.”

In addition to full-time salaried positions, the Careers Center will also feature Internship opportunities for college students. Internship postings will be included in the phase two rollout.

Posting a position is free to members, and the process isn’t time consuming or difficult assuming a job position announcement has been created. The DSF is looking to populate the job board with a critical mass of open positions from all member companies. To help amplify the positions, each job will receive its own website posting and social media promotion. In addition, a weekly digest of open positions will be sent to members by email.

That critical mass reference is important here. I think this is a much-needed tool to connect those people who change their Linkedin profile to read Open To Work, and those companies that actively hiring. It won’t always be the case, but most of the postings that show up will genuinely be relevant to members. It only works, though, if enough people use it and it becomes a go-to tool.

It’s certainly needed. Finding the right people is hard, as is tracking done the right company and fit. Job search and hiring is much easier than the old days, particularly pre-internet – when newspapers had entire sections of weekend editions stuffed with display ads.

Anyone who has been in this business for a few years, at mid to senior levels, has been approached by recruiters about jobs – and then realized the recruiter has a minimal grasp of this industry and that the job being filled is not a fit. “No, thank you, but I’m afraid digital signage and digital asset management are not interchangeable terms, and I don’t know a damn thing about DAMs.”

  1. Stephen Gottlich says:

    Well done, excellent development

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