LED China’s Two Versions For 2023 Each Expecting 2,000 Vendors, 80K+ Attendees

March 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

To get a sense of the sheer scale of the LED display manufacturing ecosystem in China – and the many, many companies who only or mostly sell domestically – consider that the two main trade fairs this year for that sector will each have about 2,000 vendors.

A little confusingly (there are long-winded explanations but you don’t need to read them), there is an LED China in Shenzhen coming up in mid July, and a sister show in September up the coast in Shanghai.

The organizer of the July show says it is tracking more than 2,000 exhibiting brands and forecasting attendance in the range of 80,000 – most of that domestic, but registrants have been logged from 73 countries. The exhibitor list is filled with vendor names completely unfamiliar to the pro AV sector outside China, but the show also attracts the major Chinese brands like Absen, Leyard, Unilumin and BOE, as well as Samsung.

The Shanghai show is expecting similar numbers.

The July 17-19 LED China is at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It is running at the same time as several related shows:

  • UDE2023 – International Semiconductor Display Expo;
  • International Audio and Video Smart Integration Exhibition (Shenzhen);
  • International Advertising Exhibition.

It is the first full LED China show since 2019, because of the pandemic.

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